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How we put fleet managers in the driver’s seat.

EverTransit outpaces other fleet management solutions. With the industry’s best prices and the market’s most advanced technology, users hail EverTransit as the ultimate fleet management solution. Read what makes us different.

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Why so many people are choosing EverTransit.

The features you need

EverTransit drives your business forward with fleet management tools that iCabbi doesn’t have, including the industry’s only Zapier integration, the only mobile dispatching platform, and the world’s first on-demand affiliate network.

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The service you deserve

The EverTransit team is committed to your success. We’re here every mile of the way with free training and onboarding, exceptional service, and a dedication to continued innovation.

Zapier integration: Welcome to Easy Street

EverTransit is the only fleet management system with Zapier integration, enabling you to link more than 4,000 apps and eliminate redundant tasks. Automate driver background checks, customize client emails, text ride updates to customers in real time, sync accounting, program driver payments, use cloud-based scheduling, and more.

The only mobile dispatching platform.

Manage your business from desktop, tablet, and mobile. Whether you’re in the office or on the road, the same powerful features are wherever you need them.

The world’s first on-demand affiliate network.

Let clients schedule a ride anywhere, anytime. Join the EverTransit affiliate network to grow your business, maintain your brand and keep clients coming back.

Auto dispatch. Auto earn.

With EverTransit, you can lower dispatching costs and raise customer satisfaction by automatically assigning drivers based on the settings you choose, including first come first served, nearest available driver, and delayed dispatching.

Route optimization: The shortest route to a better bottom line.

The shortest distance between you and improved efficiency is EverTransit’s route optimization.

Smarter automated scheduling.

Dispatch trips by location, medical needs, passenger count, driver certifications, pre-defined routes, availability, and more. Comprehensive driver and vehicle profiles provide new insights into your fleet’s operations.

Customer profile management.

Track important customer identifiers such as special needs, emergency contacts, favorite drivers, and more to ensure a seamless experience. Use your data to improve customer experience and streamline operations.

Live trip tracking

Whether you’re a dispatcher or a customer, you can watch your driver arrive in real-time. Live-updating vehicle tracking improves efficiency by preventing delays before they happen, and your customers always know when their driver will arrive.

Can you really manage your fleet faster and easier?

You can with EverTransit. With exclusive Zapier integration and the best branded mobile apps on the market, EverTransit offers the most advanced suite of cloud-based fleet management software.