Trust the only on-demand solution for non-emergency medical transportation.

Discover EverTransit’s modern software for medical transportation.

Smarter, Automated
Always have the right vehicle ready for the occasion.
Dispatch trips by location, medical needs, passenger count, driver certifications, pre-defined routes, availability, and more. Comprehensive driver and vehicle profiles provide new insights into your fleet’s operations.
Customer Profile
Provide your customers with the personalized service they need.
Track important customer identifiers such as special needs, emergency contacts, favorite drivers, and more to ensure a seamless experience. Use your data to improve customer experience and streamline operations.
Live Trip Tracking
Real-time ETA’s give you and your customers peace of mind.
Whether you’re a dispatcher or customer, you can watch your NEMT driver arrive in real time. Live-updating vehicle tracking improves efficiency by preventing delays before they happen, and your customers always know when their driver will arrive.
Secure Trip Imports
& Exports
Seamlessly integrate with your partners.
Easily import CSV records from other sources into your system from integrations and other 3rd party vendors with a trip manifest upload. You can also export your data anytime with an anonymized trip manifest.

Making Medical Transit
More Accessible

Technology is changing the way customers book transportation. Modernizing your reservation tools will make your business stand out.