Why Cloud Based and Mobile-First is Critical

Tremendous innovations have been made in mobile and telecommunicating in the past few years which has effected all sectors of business. This new mobile-ecosystem has led to a rise in consumer expectation for speed, quality, efficiency, and above all, on-demand. This is evident in the livery industry where consumers are opting to use ride-hailing apps over traditional transportation options such as driving their own cars or taking a taxi. The days of excel spreadsheets are long gone, to keep up with consumer demand, mobile-first approaches and cloud-based technology, have become cruxes to every competitive business.

Mobile-First Approach

Young, tech-savvy consumers, have a preference for on-demand and are using their smartphones to make decisions more than ever before. Now, more than a 10-minute wait for a ride is too long. Mobile first means designing an experience specifically for mobile before designing it for the desktop, web, or any other device. Since mobile means designing for a smaller device, there is only room for essential features, which is more content and user-focused.A mobile strategy is essential for developing a successful product or brand that creates value for consumers in a digital world. For the livery industry, this means a mobile limo dispatching software that allow drivers to easily manage their rides with features like viewable lists of assigned and available jobs, directions to pick-up and drop-off locations, tracked distance, and the ability to chat with customers prior to the trip. Must-have features for customers include being able to book a ride now or later, ability to schedule multiple rides, tracking their driver in real-time, and instant payment through the app.

Cloud-Based Platforms

Cloud-based platforms allow for better organization and efficiency to support the digital structure for your business. There are many benefits including a cost-savings pay-as-you-go model, a common platform for integration of a multitude of services, and access to data anywhere in the world, making collaboration a simple process. Whether on you’re on your desktop or on the go, manage your business from desktops, tablets, and mobile. Being on the cloud allows your team to access powerful back-office management tools on the same platform for billing, accounting, customer management, driver dispatching, and more. Cloud service eliminates the hassle of software maintenance, the latest versions of the application needed to run the business are made available to customers as soon as they’re released. Companies are increasingly relying on cloud to manage their businesses in this constantly tech-evolving world. According to the research firm IDC, 85% of new software being built today is for the cloud.The software you choose matters! Outdated technology affects a company’s ability to interact efficiently with their customers. A full suite of cloud-based software designed with your customer in mind, will improve your business operations, save you money, and produce the results needed to succeed in a competitive industry. If you want to know more about offering the mobile technology that gives your customers the experience they’re looking for, contact us at Dashride!

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