Hop On Board or Get Left Behind – This is the Era of On-Demand

Need a question answered? It’s only a smartphone-ask away. Need groceries for dinner tonight? Order them on your phone and have them delivered in a matter of hours. Today, the term “on-demand” has become ubiquitous in all sectors of business. Smartphone apps make it possible to do just about anything without having to wait, whether ordering a ride, making a dinner reservation, or booking a hotel.Smartphone apps give consumers a tremendous amount of choices. Young, tech-savvy consumers have become more familiar with making decisions right from their phone than by any other means, which is something that on-demand services can cater to. This is evident with the choice between using a ride-hailing app, or opting to use traditional transportation, such as driving your own car or taking a taxi.According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center, 86% of people who use ride-hailing apps indicated that these services save them time and stress, which is what we aim to do for our clients. One way we accomplishe this is with Dashride's automated dispatch feature, which automatically assigns pickups to the nearest available driver, making it easier for your drivers to initiate more rides in less time.While the on-demand phenomenon has sky-rocketed in recent years, especially ride-hailing services, on-demand businesses began popping up alongside the conception of the internet in the 1990’s. Companies like Webvan, a grocery delivery service founded in 1996 started the movement, delivering products to customers’ homes within a 30-minute self-selected window.  It’s no coincidence that millennials are the ones incorporating on-demand services into their lives the most, according to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center.Millennials grew up during the rise of the digital era, when the possibilities of what the early internet could do were just being explored, and social media still meant choosing your top five friends on Myspace. We’ve come a long way, and now there’s an app for just about anything. It’s time your limo and taxi business have one too.Ride-hailing apps have taken over the transportation industry, making a more than ten-minute wait for a ride seem far too long. With our custom branded mobile apps, customers can view ETA, watch their driver arrive in real time, pay instantly through the app, along with other features that will make communication between drivers and customers simple and seamless.Get ahead of the competition by incorporating Dashride into your business today, and your livery company will be the first-choice among customers in need of a ride in a pinch.Has the on-demand fashion hit your business? Let us by tweeting us at @dashride.

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