EverTransit’s fleet management software + Zapier integration = roadmap to success

EverTransit, the cloud-based fleet management program, has been revolutionizing the transportation sector since 2014. The only dispatching program that lets you take the wheel on any device, no matter if you’re on the road or behind a desk, EverTransit delivers seamless fleet monitoring in real-time.

The result: Fleet Managers and NEMT Dispatchers save countless hours and hundreds of million dollars.

Now we’re driving even more value by becoming the first fleet management system to offer Zapier integration.

Zapier: Integrating awesomeness.

In addition to providing effective, affordable fleet management solutions for rideshare companies, NEMT drivers, limousine managers, and other leaders in the livery industry, EverTransit pairs with powerful apps to streamline operations and allow you to grow your company.

We’ve already paired with powerful apps like Twilio for optimal communication, Zendrive for driver safety tracking, and Vonage for call center automation. Now, we’ve integrated with Zapier, a leading work automation tool trusted by tech giants like Meta, Dropbox, and Shopify.

With a library of over 4,000 apps, Zapier allows users to link apps together, broadly eliminating redundant tasks. It automates busy work like sending emails, billing, and creating workflows (with up to 100 steps!). Since 2011,  this groundbreaking tool has assisted nearly two million businesses and entrepreneurs streamline their daily projects. Discover how Zapier automatically creates a roadmap to professional success.

What this integration means for your fleet management.

EverTransit’s integration with Zapier is the best thing that’s happened to fleet management software since the inception of Sobrio or Uber.

Whether you’re a Fleet Manager, Driver, NEMT Scheduler, or Dispatcher, this tool speeds up everyday workflow. By incorporating vital fleet software, EverTransit’s customization options are manifesting exponentially. With highly efficient workflows, you’ll be speeding along with the most tailored fleet tracking system ever imagined.

Using Zapier will expand your resources with EverTransit, unlocking virtually unlimited use cases. No matter if you’re using limousine management software, non-emergency medical transportation software, or anything in between, your fleet will finally be able to complete the following with ease:

  • Sync your accounting tools
  • Program driver payments
  • Automate drivers’ background checks
  • Schedule drivers’ rides on a cloud-based calendar
  • Customize emails to clientele
  • Text ride updates to customers in real-time
  • Add new leads to your email lists
  • Sync with CRM systems like Salesforce and HubSpot
  • Improve marketing with automated social media posts

Bottom line: you’ll find yourself eliminating busy work and leaving your competition in the dust.

There’s no fleet management software like EverTransit, cloud-based or not. Our user-friendly, mobile-first system allows you to save time, streamline communication, and increase profits. Now, with the integration of Zapier, the sky's the limit for your fleet company.

Schedule a call with us today to learn more about Zapier and how EverTransit will take your business further. And if you haven’t yet, there is no time like the present to try EverTransit for free.

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