Leveraging Technology to Reduce Car Insurance Rates

Did you know that you can use Dashride’s dispatch software technology to lower your car insurance costs?Using Dashride’s Driver App, fleet owners can collect more data than ever on driver behavior, and use it to lower insurance costs with Dashride’s insurance brokerage partners.From driving speeds, to frequency of stopping short, important driver metrics are automatically collected and stored for fleet owners to easily access and visualize.Dashride’s technology allows our clients to quickly and easily leverage this data and their overall driver safety ratings when negotiating car insurance rates. Business owners can sort by specific driver, location, and rating. Using these numbers, along with partnerships that Dashride has secured with insurance brokers, fleets can find massive savings in their insurance costs. Not to mentioned, this data can also to get a better understanding of your driver’s behavior, and implement more effective safety and training programs.Interested in learning how to use Dashride technology for car insurance savings of your own? Contact us today!

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