How NEMT Fleets Can Use Dashride to Grow Their Business

Reliable transportation is a key part of providing quality care in independent living facilities, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and adult day cares alike. Not having adequate access can jeopardize health: 37% of missed appointments in surgeries are due to lack of transportation. Transportation also affects a facility resident’s personal independence, opportunities, and access to goods and services. While some facilities invest in their own vehicles to transport residents, it is usually more cost-effective and safer to work with an outside transportation partner. Which is why these facilities end-up relying heavily on the NEMT industry. Dashride’s Director of Sales, Patrick Mulvihill, explains why there is a huge opportunity for the NEMT fleet owners to use Dashride’s software not only grow their business, but to revolutionize patient health through the way health care facilities book rides.According to Patrick, “Today, many health care facilities use antiquated processes for booking rides on behalf of patients. This results in missed and delayed appointments and facility staff spending unnecessary time on the phone booking, rescheduling, and waiting for rides and tracking down drivers.” Missed and rescheduled rides mean a resident delays their medical care. This can result in bigger health issues down the road, putting more costs on patients, facilities, and ultimately the health care industry. Patrick believes, “there is a huge opportunity for NEMT fleet owners because the baby boomer market is currently underserved within transportation industry.” The number of baby boomers living in the U.S. is about 74 million and as this generation ages, there will continue to be an increased demand for transportation services needed to accommodate this population.The solution is modern, comprehensive, transparent, and efficient software. This saves all parties money, time, and lowers the chance of missed appointments that put a resident’s health at risk.

Patrick explains, “traditionally, the front desk of health care facilities would book rides on behalf of residents over the phone. Dashride’s concierge booking portal is what fleets provide the front desk of these facilities, giving them a piece of technology that streamlines the whole booking process and reduces the time it takes to facilitate the ride and connect the passenger directly with the driver in real-time.”

Dashride’s automated scheduling software allows trips to be dispatched by location, medical needs, passenger count, driver certifications, pre-defined routines, availability, and more. The company also has the only on-demand global network for fleets to share and send rides to connect their customers to providers anywhere while still maintaining brand loyalty. Customers will have the right vehicle for the occasion, with the fastest pick-up time.Once the ride is booked, the driver’s real-time ETA is viewable through live trip tracking. The person that booked the ride will have constant communication with the driver, always know where they are, and when they will arrive. Facilities can spend less time waiting, guessing, and checking for rides and more time providing quality care for their residents.Patrick explains why Dashride is the complete package, “We provide the tools for credit card processing, invoicing, account management, and insurance claims. This means invoice flexibility tailored around the client’s needs.” The booking portal allows fleets to setup their clients’ accounts on contracted rates and have corporate credit cards on file to charge rides on behalf of residents. And since auto-dispatching and the back-office management systems for billing and customer management streamlines the back-end processes, fleets are able to save money and compete on price. In turn, they can offer better rates and faster, more efficient customer service than their competitors.Patrick sees lots of opportunity for NEMT fleets beyond traditional services. “We at Dashride understand NEMT fleets do a lot of broker work with Medicaid and Medicare but are helping fleets land contracts in the private services. Dashride can facilitate both.” He explains that residents in health care facilities have transportation needs well beyond the normal doctor’s office visits, outside of what Medicaid and Medicare would cover. Transportation to chronic pain centers, dialysis center, and cancer centers all require roundtrips and pay out well. Patients may also need transportation on trips to stores and other special outings. Dashride helps fleets provide health care facilities with the power to manage their own rides. There is a significant link between transportation and patient health and health costs. When a resident has better mobility and better access to get the good and services they need, they are healthier and happier. NEMT fleets can enhance their customer’s experience and transform the health care industry by providing them with the most modern booking tools in the industry.

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