5 Reasons Dashride is Outpacing Competitors

In the livery industry, there is more competition than ever before, and technology is advancing rapidly. Outdated software and technology results in missed business opportunities, slower service and wasted costs for fleets. In order to grow in a competitive consumer-driven on-demand market, transportation businesses need to innovate and modernize. Dashride is the leading provider of mobile-first software for transportation companies, focused on providing businesses with the tools that allow for greater growth and improved customer care.Here are five reasons Dashride is outpacing competitors in the industry and giving its clients a competitive edge.


Automation is at the core of the transportation industry’s transformation. It has allowed more efficient, faster, and affordable services for consumers. Fleets need to have updated technology to compete in this changing industry. Dashride’s software is built for end to end automation, allowing for smarter, automated scheduling that fleets need to increase efficiency and scale. The mobile dispatching platform lets customers manage their business from their tablet, mobile phone, or desktop. Rides are automatically assigned to the nearest driver, based on location, passenger count, and medical needs for NEMT fleets, resulting in faster pick-up times for passengers and the right vehicle for the right occasion. The simplicity behind the dispatch, billing, and commission tools provide a seamless booking process and consumer facing experience. Back-house processes like credit card processing, accounting, and account management are also automated, making record keeping centralized, integrated, and easy to access.


Having a mobile-first strategy is essential to staying competitive in the era of on-demand. Dashride provides fleets with all the mobile features necessary to satisfy the needs and expectations of their tech-savvy customers. The sleek design and easy to use apps for iOS and android create a customer-friendly, seamless user experience. The mobile-first dispatching software is designed for any transportation company. Features include real-time driver tracking, in-app pay, the option to book rides for the present or future, and multiple rides can be scheduled at a time. Dashride founder and CEO, Nadav Ullman says, “By using the most up-to-date technology, fleets have a greater chance of scalability and therefore can run more rides and make more profit.”

Corporate and Consumer Booking Tools

Another unique feature of Dashride’s technology is the fully integrated corporate and concierge booking tools. Fleets can turn corporate customers into loyal retail customers by allowing them to book on the phone, online, and through the app. Corporate clients can customize their concierge portal for employees, manage employee and booking privileges, provide special rates, store VIPs, favorite drivers, and favorite locations. Custom notifications are designed to keep everyone in the loop. Fleets can even service corporate clients all over the world through Dashride Connect, an affiliate network perfect for businesses wanting to tap into the growing corporate travel market.

Automated Global Affiliate Network

Dashride Connect is the world’s first on-demand global affiliate network. By joining the affiliate network, fleets can connect their customers to providers anywhere in the world, while maintaining their brand loyalty. Ullman says, “Business owners can build a world-wide brand without having to build up the driver infrastructure.” Businesses can maximize their affiliate work by connecting with fleets in their city or around the world based on passenger needs and capacity. With the click of a button, automatically farm out overflow when drivers are busy and receive jobs during down times. Fleets can also use the portal to exchange trips with affiliates regardless of what dispatching software they use.

Transparency and Control Overview

With Dashride’s technology, the dispatcher and customer can watch the driver in real time, improving efficiency and preventing delayed and missed rides, giving everyone involved more control over the process. Without transparency, pick-ups are based on a time-window, but customers don’t actually know where their rides are. If the rider and driver don’t see each other, customers are left without a ride. This results in lost income, time, and in the case of NEMT fleets, can jeopardize the health of the patient. The software automatically tracks distance, time, route, stops, and can even produce reports on driver safety and passenger’s past trips. These features provide business owners a great deal of information to improve fleet and driver management and provide personalized customer service.Regardless of the type of fleet, taxi, NEMT, limo, and beyond, the software is designed to help fleets take advantage of the latest technological innovations and is updated with new features every few weeks.According to Ullman, “There are thousands of ways to configure the software, allowing for a business’ operations and systems to adapt with the changing transportation industry.” This gives fleet-owners more control over their business regardless of industry disruptions.Over the past decade, the transportation industry has seen major technological advances. Traditional businesses are being outpaced by disruptors that embrace technology, change, and adaption. Taking the steps to modernizing a fleet doesn’t have to be a painful process. Dashride’s goal is to help fleets overcome these challenges by providing them with fully automated dispatch software designed to meet their customer’s changing needs. Be a leader in the industry, contact Dashride today.

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