How Technology Seamlessly Allows for Back House Savings

There are well-known benefits of on-demand technology for customers in the livery industry including: convenience, speed, and time-saving. The increasing changes in technology also has many benefits for your business, like increase in productivity, efficiency, and most importantly, cost savings. Check out how these four areas of technology can increase back house savings for your livery business.CloudUtilizing cloud and other SaaS services is an alternative to making a large investment in owning and operating your own software, hardware, and IT infrastructure. Service interruptions, faulty hardware, and poor system performances are all issues that can be reduced through cloud services. With the cloud, information can be accessed from anywhere. Data is centralized in one place versus spread across hundreds of spreadsheets. This improves efficiency and reduces the need for costly and complicated back-ups.Customizing software to fit your business can also get pricey and difficult to apply technology upgrades down the road. Choose a platform with customizations already built into the framework to save on future upgrades. Making the most of your physical space and cutting down on supplies, paper, and office equipment can also save your business a lot of money on the back end.AutomationHow your company spends its time matters. Inefficient workflows can cost up to 30% of your company’s money. The faster you can get tasks done, the more will be accomplished, and the better the end results will be. Automation removes the chances of human error from the equation and creates a reliable process that cuts costs. Automate everyday back-office financial tasks like billing, accounting, and keeping track of receipts and transactions.The salary for inbound call support and reservations personnel can be expensive, slow, and inefficient. Give more rides and generate more revenue with automated dispatching and call center automation tools. Assign rides to the nearest driver available and instantly prompt new bookings and pull up customer details and past trips.AnalyticsUsing data analytics to index customer behavior allows you to project sales, have a more efficient marketing strategy, and create promotions to fend off competition and minimize customer churn. This results in less money spent on acquiring customers and nurturing loyalty. The advantages of an automated analytics dashboard over using spreadsheets is huge. Creating a report in excel with a large amount of data might take days to gather and analyze. Dashboards allow for reports to be generated quickly from live data that is updated automatically with the latest business information. Dashboards provide a visual, more intuitive way to spot trends, opportunities, or issues in workflow and customer patterns. Dashride offers an insightful analytics dashboard in order to view reports on driver data, popular pick-up locations, new and returning customers.Integrated softwareHaving to manage the complexities of all of your software is an unnecessary distraction from your business objectives and growth. To save money, use a platform that will operate in multiple money-saving dimensions: automation, efficiency, and profitability. Choosing a platform to fit the specific needs of your business is also important. Poor planning of integrated business management software can result in business process inefficiencies and software integration challenges.For the livery industry, Dashride offers features for credit card processing, invoicing, and account management that is already integrated into the mobile dispatching system. These consolidated financial management solutions streamline accounting and billing services that may require manually-intensive spreadsheet reporting, and reduce costs for using multiple programs that weren’t designed for integration.These four areas of technology add both organizational and economic value to your business. The question should not be whether you want integrate technology into your livery business, but can you afford not to. For more money saving tips or to find out how to automate and modernize your fleet, contact us at Dashride!

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