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As with any introduction, an app’s first impression with a user sets the tone for the entire consumer experience. That first impression determines the probability of consumer retention. Studies show that a strong first impressions increase retention rates by 50%.In order to achieve that retention, apps need to be cognizant of speed, clarity, and messaging. The best apps immediately introduce users to the new value apps will add to the consumer’s life, and make each revisit to the app as easy as the first.In terms of retention, these seemingly simple elements carry weight, as 79% of app users will give an app a second chance but only 16% will give an app a third. In order to become irreplaceable to consumers, apps must invest in that first impression.App PromotionTo hold on to consumers, apps can employ a variety of strategies. More simply: push notifications, in-app messaging and SMS messaging.The most successful of the three, push notifications have been shown to increase app engagement by 171%. However, in-app messaging and SMS messaging have proven their success with 46% increases in user retention and 98% open rates respectively.Referral ProgramsOther successful strategies offer consumers a variety of incentives. For example, studies have shown that people are four times more likely to purchase a product if referred by a friend. Therefore, fleet owners looking to increase their user base should give the power to their happy customers, offering referral codes to share and rewards when they do.Rewards & CouponsOn top of referrals, keep the rewards flowing. Much like Starbuck’s rewards app that incentivizes customers to buy more coffee on the promise of a free cup of joe, drivers should reward riders for their loyalty and continued use. Lastly and most traditionally, drivers can utilize digital coupons to activate more consumer use and engagement.Email MarketingAs a growing number of emails are being opened on mobile devices, (56% in 2015) smart targeting through email is vital to customer engagement.As you craft your emails, be conscious of design – avoid as much clutter as possible.Once you’ve got a dedicated customer, keep the emails going but tune the messaging, learning from their past usage and recommending similar or related content.Social MediaBefore posting across your social media channels, learn from your customers. Look at the social media platforms they use the most and which of the products they are most excited to talk about.Using this data, create content that is tailored to your customer’s needs.In order to measure the success of your impact, look for engagement and growth in followers and customer support.All in all, whichever strategy best fits your model, prioritize clarity in design and calls to action. Make it easy for consumers to see how great your service is and engage with your brand.

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