Why NEMT Medicaid Providers Should Go After Private Pay Accounts

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) is a key transportation benefit for Medicaid members to ensure that elderly patients and people with disabilities can easily and cost-effectively attend medical appointments, fulfill prescriptions and access other non-urgent healthcare facilities.Currently, the NEMT market is highly underserved, with missed appointments costing the health care system $150 billion yearly. 37% of this lost revenue is directly attributed to a lack of transportation options, which is a great opportunity for fleet owners to directly engage with private pay accounts and widen their customer offerings to facilitate the need for NEMT. Increased NEMT offerings will also benefit private pay accounts, with surgical centers, on average, losing over $25,000 monthly in revenue, due to patients not turning up to their appointments. Dashride’s Director of Sales, Patrick Mulvihill, details the lack of technology within this market, and how Dashride’s software can benefit all parties involved. “The NEMT industry is still in its infancy when it comes to innovation, with the industry still having a reliance on outdated technologies that are inefficient for accounts, fleets and patients. The implementation of Dashride’s ‘front desk’ booking portal system streamlines the transportation booking process, minimizing the chance for miscommunication and allowing for greater transparency for all involved.”

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Why are Advancements in the NEMT Industry Necessary?

Dashride’s end-to-end platform ensures a highly automated and simplistic booking process, which allows medical facilities to easily book and track patient and resident rides. Private pay accounts with a high demand for NEMT include facilities for the elderly and for those with disabilities, who don’t always require emergency transport but often have low mobility and need additional assistance.Mulvihill outlines several key advantages for private pay accounts and patients when it comes to partnering with an independent fleet. “Firstly, fleet owners have a guaranteed supply of vehicles that can be allocated to specific accounts, which is something that rideshare companies cannot offer, and often results in delays, cancellations and general inconvenience for all parties involved. Fleet owners are also equipped with different vehicle options, such as wheelchair and stretcher vans, as well as specialized technology including ALS and BLS equipment, to offer mobility options for a wider range of patients.” Mulvihill continues, “The majority of fleet drivers are also trained in first aid and CPR and can often act as a “responsible party” for patients. This means that fleet drivers are capable of assisting passengers with special needs, rather than just picking them up and dropping them off. This is especially beneficial in cases where patients are under anesthesia and may not be fully aware of their surroundings.”Private accounts are beginning to take NEMT needs more seriously, as Mulvihill goes on to say, “senior living communities and other private medical facilities are even beginning to include NEMT as a part of their fees, alongside other key expenses such as rent and meals. Offering NEMT as an included cost allows for peace of mind for patients, residents and their respective families, to ensure the highest level of service is delivered.”

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How NEMT Fleets Can Use Dashride to Grow Their Business

Prioritizing an NEMT offering can be of great benefit to all parties, with fleet owners receiving consistent rides at a premium cost, private pay accounts receive a simplistic and reliable booking platform, and patients receive high levels of support and assistance.

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